Kids ' tops of Chamomile. Work Polevoi Xenia

вязаный крючком топ

Yarn: "new Baby" :1 skein (50 gr) white; and green, can't remember exactly, roughly half Hank; Hook - 2.5 mm.
Topic "Chamomile" is related to the age of 2 years.
Chamomile I knit according to the scheme:

Детский топ Ромашки. Работа Полтевой Ксении вязание и схемы вязания

Once linked, I need the number of daisies (22 PCs), I sewed(knit together). Edge banded columns without nakida.

Straps: columns with nakida(desired length), or:

1st row- chain
2nd row-polostevichi in every air.loop.
3rd row- *4st.s/n as a vertex, 4возд loop*, repeat from * to *.
4th row- banded air. loop – 2полуст, Pico 1полуст.
We reach the end of the row and then the first number (air pet) – banded “rachim step.”
Easy on eyes!!!

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