Hat - the cat girl's spokes. Job Svetlana Chayka

Шапочка - кошка для девочки спицами. Работа Светланы Чайка вязание и схемы вязания

Hat - the cat "Diamond lugs" . Performed by the needles of yarn MILK COTTON (45%-cotton 15%-silk 40%-milk acrylic) in two threads. Consumption 1 the ILO. Spokes number 4. Ears adorned with rhinestones. The cap is connected to the girl of 5 years. Dial 85 loops round, tie of 1 cm rubber 1x1. Continue in pattern through 17c close. Flash the corners for ears. The bottom elastic bands to tie crochet; St/bn. - 3 series.

Scheme crochet beanie:

Схема вязания шапочки:


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