Knitted booties - the work of Elena Zubareva

фото вязаных крючком пинеток

Hello dear! I live in the glorious city of Kaluga. I'm 42 years old. I live alone, as much and long been a fan. However happy about the fact, as help me God. In the opinion of all there friends, and a loving, caring family, and a taste for life!
I do different types of needlework. Sew dolls, working in the style of decoupage, embroider with ribbons, make cosmetic bags and cases for glasses and phones, I love to crochet. My mom says I have Golden hands.

Recently a friend grandson was born. And I tried to tie booties. I'm not a Pro, so really do not know the name of the thread. I had some wool. Of her and tied crook No. 3. All my friends loved it. She wanted to show you. I sincerely wish all good mood, inspiration and new victories!

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