Cardigan for my son knitting. The Work Of Marina Efimenko

Кардиган для сына спицами. Работа Марины Ефименко вязание и схемы вязания

Hello girls! Knitted cardigan for my son, I hope to be wearing... I have priveredlivye, braids and Aran patterns don't love. Something like the model picked up... Knitting in two strands of "childish"(50% wool,50% acrylic(took about seven Hanks in 225m 50g)) and "Lana gold 800" (49% wool,51% acrylic(took more than two skeins for 800m to 100g)). Knitting needles No. 3.

Кардиган для сына спицами. Работа Марины Ефименко вязание и схемы вязания

Cardigan knitting description:


  • 2)40/42
  • 3)44/46
  • 4) 48/50
  • 5) 52/54

For knitting you will need:

  • Berlaine yarn (50gr/90M; 100% wool, suitable for washing and drying machine) color Violine - 13-14-15-17 skeins.
  • Spokes number 3 and 3.5
  • 4 buttons

Used patterns:

gum 3/2, spokes number 3 and 3.5.

The number of loops divisible by 5, + 3.

1st p. (. side): *3. p., 2 Phi. p.*, repeat from * to *, end 3 persons. p.
2nd p.: *3 Phi.p. 2 p. persons., repeat from * to *, end 3 Phi. p.

Repeat these 2 rows.
• the front surface of the spokes №3,5.

The density of knitting:

A square of side 10 cm persons. stitch = 22 p. and 28 p.
A square of side 10 cm elastic 3/2, slightly stretched, on the spokes №3.5 = 23 and p. 28 p.
Remark. Knit with finer needles, if you got less loops and rows than
spins in abration case.

кардиган спицами описание

кардиган спицами описание

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