Tunic knitting Monroe (intarsia technique)

Туника спицами Монро. Работа Елены Шляковой вязание и схемы вязания

Tunic Monroe. The Work Of Elena Shlyakhovoy. I was knitting it my friend. She bought an ugly sweater knitted from amazing thread, unfortunately I do not know the composition and the titles of these threads, but very similar to acrylic. The sweater could dissolve a single thread, instead of tying the thread in each row. Knowing her love of Marilyn Monroe, I asked her to tie here is the tunic dress. Choice of colors: black, pink, pink brown, purple, and the color Marsala (wine). Well, the scheme of the portrait work of Andy Warhol "Marilyn Monroe", I took from the magazine "Sabrina". Tunic length just above the knee connected intarsia.

Туника спицами Монро. Работа Елены Шляковой вязание и схемы вязания

Dress-tunic connected spokes number 2, the front surface, the back is plain. For the back and front I scored 104 loops (for size 44), and knit without additions and bavleny to the mouth. In the diagram, each colored area is a separate ball the desired color and the threads are crossed on the wrong side (no engine). The main thing here is to follow the diagram and make it happen. I like to make sure, each knit in the number noted in pencil. That's all. Diagram of portrait of Monroe attached. Good luck and light eyes!

Scheme knitting tunic:

схема вязания туники


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