Cover for mugs Owls spokes. The Work Of Ksenia

Чехол для кружки Совы спицами. Работа Ксении вязание и схемы вязания

Near the cold... increasingly there is a desire to bundle up in a warm blanket in the arms of meowing by kotofey and a mug of warming tea or coffee. Want to see everything around was warm and fluffy, so why not link the case for mugs, so she kept a little longer and gave its heat:)
The Internet has enough examples of covers for mugs, most often they are connected with a loop and button. This option is convenient for cups of different sizes. My version of the case is without buttons, it is suitable only for mugs of the same size, but this is optional: you can take the schema of owl based and to link the case of bigger/smaller, add other patterns to fit the button:)

Чехол для кружки Совы спицами. Работа Ксении вязание и схемы вязания

For my case I took Trinity yarn "Baby" (20% wool, 80% acrylic, 135 m/50 g), color iceberg spokes (don't know their exact size, they are small) and hook No. 1,4. Mug, which was linked to the case, a small, approximately 200 g.

In order to determine the number of owls for its mugs, it is desirable to associate one owl (the scheme) and apply. Then you can roughly understand how much they need to cover, whether you want to be patterns. For my small circles took 3 owls and two of the pattern "spit" between them. I originally planned to link the case crochet patterns "spit" and even tried to do it, but knitting this pattern looks still much more interesting, so I stayed on the needles. The pattern "Owl" is quite simple in execution, with it can handle and novice mistresses (to whom in terms of knitting, I reckon).

The initial number of stitches I calculated according to the following principle: the pattern "Owl" consists of 16 loops, I need to cover 3 owls — a total of 16*3=48, pattern "Spit" consists of 4 loops, I need 2 of the pattern — a total of 4*2=8, plus 2 loops (front and back) at each end, plus 2 extreme loops total— 48+8+4+2=62.
Pattern "Owl" is knitted according to the scheme (attached). The pattern is quite simple, in the 7th, 17th and 23rd rows will need to perform the crossing loops. This happens in the following way: 2 front loops are removed to the auxiliary needle and left for work, are finished the next 2 front loops, and then loops with auxiliary needles. The next 2 front loops again to remove the additional needle and leave before work. Are finished 2 facial loop, and then loop with additional spokes.

Pattern "Spit" fit on the same principle: 2 front loops are removed and left behind, or in front of work (as you like, depends on only the direction of the twist braids). Promazyvaetsya next two front loops, then the loops with auxiliary needles. I started crossing with the 3rd row, then make the crossing every 4 rows — in the 7th, 11th, 15th, etc.

The height of the individual case. I turned 29, but it is high enough for such clubs (still want to drink, it is not dirtying in this case). The number of rows can be varied at will.
When the last row is closed, don't terminate the thread. Need hook. With his help, I joined the knitting on the top and bottom and tied cover edges (armhole to handle and lower edge) of the connecting columns. Form my circles extends up, and the knitting is straight, so the bottom in the processing of the case crocheting I was doing infrequent obuvki.

Our case ready. Try and put the kettle to warm up:)

Scheme knitting cover:

схема вязания чехла

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