Bonnet and booties knitting. The Work Of Elena Shlyakhovoi

Шапочка и пинетки спицами. Работы Елены Шляковой вязание и схемы вязания

Hello! Imagine my next job - a bonnet and booties for the newborn. Knitting for my little grandson, but for obvious reasons, the photo model is not the owner of the set and soft toy. The set is knitted No. 1.5 of thread classic lines "Semenovskaya yarn "Caroline"" - 100% acrylic, 100 g. - 438 m. On both items went probably 1/5 of a coil. The thread is very soft and pleasant to the touch. Optionally, you can associate the set of monotone, or as I have two, and even three-color.

Шапочка и пинетки спицами. Работы Елены Шляковой вязание и схемы вязания

Crochet baby booties, description

We print on the spokes 37 of the loops and knit 1 row to the front. A Central loop note marker, safety pin or thread of another color. Then knit the sole of the 8 rows of garter viscous, adding in each facial series of 4 loops (1 after the first loop, 1 before and after the Central loop 1 and before the last loop). Allowances are finished crossover loop to avoid holes. The spokes should be 53 of the loop.

Making a teeth with a thread of a different color: are finished 3 rows front stitch, starting from the front side of the work. In row 4 (wrong side) knit: metal edge, yo, 2 stitches together purl, etc. until the end of the row. Yo do not crisscross to make the holes. Then another 3 rows front surface. 4 row, fold the knitting in the holes and are finished by 2 loops together - one loop with spokes and a single loop of the first of a number of cloves associated with a thread of a different color. And so to the end of the series.

Шапочка и пинетки спицами. Работы Елены Шляковой вязание и схемы вязания

Thread the main color and knit the side part. I've been knitting a simple pattern: row 1 (right side) purl loops 2 row (wrong side) - 1., P1. Repeat 1st and 2nd rows. Knit so 10 - 12 rows. Then knit toe booties (fit the heel as at the toe): 13 loops of purl, the next 27 loops divide into 3 parts, knit the middle 9 loops facial, and at the end of each lines are finished the ninth loop together with the loop another part, until there is only 9 secondary loops and 13 loops on each side. Are finished a number to the end.

The spokes 35 of the loops. Continue knitting the upper part of the booties: 2 rows front stitch, then make holes for the lace: chrome., 2 persons., 2 persons. together, 1 yo and so on until the end of the row. Then dokazyvaet top booties to the desired height pattern, as on the side. The top 4 rows knit garter viscous thread of a different color. Loop closing. Carefully sew the booties. Knit cord hook air loops, threading the cord in the holes, make pompoms or tassels. Sew to ends of cord. Booties ready!

Шапочка и пинетки спицами. Работы Елены Шляковой вязание и схемы вязания

Cap spokes description

The cap fit even easier. Be sure to associate the control sample and calculate the number of loops. I have a 78 loops. Knit 6-8 rows of elastic. Next knit 10-12 cm basic pattern "corn":

  • 1 row (wrong side of the pattern): 1., P1. etc.
  • 2nd row: 1. - facial, purl to remove with stitches, etc.
  • 3rd row: purl the front, make another yo, and remove the loop with nakida previous row, i.e. we remove the loop with two brides.
  • Row 4: purl knit front and a loop with two yo - purl.
  • 5th row: repeat 1st row.

Proceed to nape: loops are divided into three parts in the ratio of 25-28-25. How to knit the heel of a sock: the last loop of the middle part are finished with the first side. So knit until the spokes will not remain 28 loops. Get on the lateral parts of the loop and knit the front stitch about 5-6 cm, folded and sewn to the hat, turned hollow gum. Crochet cord air loops, threading hollow elastic, make POM poms and sew them to the ends of the cord. The cap is ready! Good luck and light eyes.

Шапочка и пинетки спицами. Работы Елены Шляковой вязание и схемы вязания

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