A crocheted blanket. The Work Of Ivanova Ludmila

Вязаный крючком плед. Работа Ивановой Людмилы вязание и схемы вязания

Plaid knitted crochet. The title of the thread I don't remember. This bouclé wool. Hook took 4. Knit especially for walks in the stroller in the cool. It turned out very soft and warm. Schemes from the magazine “crochet". Plaid is still. Glad this yarn, because it is not stretched, not the village. Hank was alone. But the huge. Weighing in at 800 grams. Scheme the image is not found. On the Internet there are similar. I'll try to give a detailed description:

Scheme knitting plaid:

Rapport consists of 10 loops. I got 15 rapport.
Dial a chain of 20 loops (VP)+ 1V.p. rise.
3. b B. 3 V. p. Foundation
V. p. 3,column 2 SC in the third loop of the Foundation., 2 loops of the base skip
Article 5. b.N. 5 V. p. Foundation.,
3 V. p., (2 loop base miss)the column with 2 SC in the third loop.
3 V. p. 3. b.N. in 3петли base.
To turn the product.
2 St. b.N., 3 V. p. 3. b.N. Inn yo, article 2 of the NAC, yo)
3 V. p. 3. b.N. (from article 5. b.N. the previous row)Obtained in the middle 3 loops.
And so to continue until the end of the row.
At the turn of the century with 2 yo.
Kaidou tied in a loop article b.N. Knit 2 rows.
In the third row 3. b.N., 1 VP, 3. b.N. So the circle.
In the fourth row in each V. p. knit 5, art. s. n., linking art. b.N. in the middle of the 3 loops.

Вязаный крючком плед. Работа Ивановой Людмилы вязание и схемы вязания

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