Sundress crochet. The Work Of Maria Grigoryeva

Сарафан крючком. Работа Марии Григорьевой вязание и схемы вязания

Sleeveless knitted from the yarn Pelican, 100% cotton, 50 grams of 330 meters,Crusoe clover No. 2, 2,5. Yarn consumption was 5 Hanks (250 grams) Size 46. Linked to goddaughter Katya scheme wipes. The scheme itself is pretty big, so not used in full, but only part, needed to size 46. Fit easily and, for me, very nice work.

Sundress long "stayed" in Moscow and flew out to Brazil at the end of February. I really wanted photos of exotic, but it is expected the baby and pajamas while lying in wait. Because a photo just like that.

Scheme knitting dress


Схема вязания сарафана

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