A crocheted blanket. The Work Of Natalia

Вязаный крючком плед. Работа Натальи вязание и схемы вязания

My granddaughter was born and I decided to tie her blanket as a gift.
That's what I did. The figure searched for on the Internet. And I liked this.
Plaid waffle pattern is very soft and fluffy yarn small pompoms.

The size of the blanket is 1.5*0.80 cm

The pattern for the blanket description

The first row fit by columns with nakida.

Further, in each even row, 3ВП, 1 front raised convex column, *1 С1Н, 2 raised bar*.

In each odd row over the relief columns of the previous row – 2 column with nakida, over columns with nakida – relief convex column. Border fantasized herself.

The pattern for the blanket Wafer, a video lesson

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