Jumpsuit for girls a Delicate flower. Work Julia Easy

Комбинезон для девочки Нежный цветок. Работа Julia Easy вязание и схемы вязания

The jumpsuit has an upper patch flap, fixed by buttons. The child grows, the valve can be lowered down, thereby increasing the length of the suit and the period of its operation. In the future valve can dissolve and get a great coat.

The yarn ALIZE baby flower (94% acrylic, 6% Polyamid, 210m, 100g), consumption is 350g. Jumpsuit length 68cm (6 months +). The spokes of N4 and N4.5. ATTENTION! This yarn is not advised to use for those who are just learning to knit, because it is problematic to dissolve.

Pattern for jumpsuit "Laced crow's feet":

  1. Recruit 9 loops and start knitting the pattern "Fishnet crow's feet" spokes.
  2. The first row is wrong side. Remove the edge P, then do 3 SP, 1 front loop, and another 3 SP.
  3. The second R we remove the edge P, knit 1 purl loop, then 1 loop will do two.
  4. Knit next 3 SP, 1 twin loop, purl 1, and the range is complete.

This pattern requires some skills different techniques of knitting. Novice knitters better to use something simpler, like "pearl".

Комбинезон для девочки Нежный цветок. Работа Julia Easy

Description jumpsuit

First defined with the desired size and build the pattern. Knit a test sample of the selected pattern determined by the density of the knitting, we believe it is necessary to set the number of loops.

Knitting started with the hood (on the edge of 3-4cm elastic 1x1). The hood is the same principle as the classic heel to wear. The transition between the hood and the main part of the Romper (on the neck) 2-3 cm rubber 1x1.
Then, to the existing loops on both sides add loops for the strap (buckle) and knit Raglan to the line of openings.

ATTENTION! strap knit garter viscous (all face). To ensure that the product is not pulled up on the edge of the plank, at the end of a number also the edge loop knit facial. And in the beginning of the row edge to remove to right needle, inserting the needle into the loop, not right to left as usual, and left to right. And of course, don't forget to make holes for the buttons (I have the photo the buttons are not yet sewn, as a future grandma, at whose request this gift, was still in the search). In total I have 14 ports (6 on the center placket and 4 on each side of the upper valve).

Комбинезон для девочки Нежный цветок. Работа Julia Easy

Next, we translate loop the left strap+backless+straps on the right of the support spokes. We will return to them after the associated sleeve.
Start knitting the sleeves.Each sleeve is knit separately (the sleeve is made with a seam). The cuffs can be linked with a stock, because kids grow very quickly, and at first, just tuck the cuffs. The cuffs on the sleeves are also elastic 1x1.

Back to the crochet straps and back (fits in one fabric without side seams). Not dawasa to the desired length 3-4cm on the shelves knit garter viscous 3-4 cm and closed. On the back, continue to knit the basic pattern.

Комбинезон для девочки Нежный цветок. Работа Julia Easy

When he reached the crest line (the bottom of the product), knit upper valve. On both sides of the valve knit garter viscous same bar as the center of the product. Don't forget about the holes for the buttons, but on both sides. Provatas about 2/3 the height of the valve, begin to make obuvki on both sides. To finish the top of the valve rubber 1x1.

That's all. It remains to sew the sleeves and sew on buttons. I hope your baby will be warm and comfortable.

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