Crochet knitting beret Olga. Work Julia Easy

Вязанный спицами берет Ольга. Работа Julia Easy вязание и схемы вязания

Work submitted to the contest "Hats and kits". Takes linked for teenage girls.

Yarn ALIZE superlana midi mosaic (25% wool, 75% acrylic, 100g x 170m), it took ~ 150g. Spokes N4.5 and N5. The circumference of your head ~ 53-58 cm


1. double (hollow) elastic band:

двойная полая резинка схема
2. the basic pattern (fit in a circle - method "Magic loop"), an even number of loops.

  • 1st row: 2 facial loop, 1 yo.
  • 2nd row: 1 front loop, 2nd loop shoot (not promazyvaya), yo are finished facial.
  • 3rd row: 2 facial loop, removing the loop throws at the two front loops.

NOTE This pattern can be knit in the usual way - direct and reverse rows (purl rows facial hinge knits purl + sequence of the knitting loops in the back rows goes in reverse order from the end). However, it is quite time consuming method.

If you don't know the technique "Magic loop" and the above-described method for knitting the basic pattern of forward and reverse rows you don't work either, try replacing the design on the "Bulgarian cross" or "Ezhevichka" - the external is very similar, but much simpler in execution (like the circular method, and traditional).
3. "Bulgarian cross" is the number of loops multiple of 3+2 edge loops, see diagram.

This pattern for knitting for the score spanned by loops and nakido. In., range., you need to purl 3. and then starting to shift through 2, 3 – d pet., then capes, knit to complete the row. In Phi., the ranks of all the loops you want to associate coach. In the new entities., a row pattern shift on 1 loop.

схема узора болгарский крест

1st row: 3., initial pet. need to flip to the left, on the 2nd, 3rd pet, yo, 3., initial pet. to shift to the left;
The 2nd and other even-numbered rows of Phi.;
3rd row: 1., 3., 1 to throw to the left, on the 2nd and 3rd pet., yo, 1. the Ornaments need to repeat 1 through 4 th rows.

4. "Ezhevichka" is the number of loops multiple of 3+2+2 edge loop.

  • 1st row: chrome. loop, 2. p., * 1 yo, 3 p. persons., then knit the first of the three loops over the other two*, p. 1 individuals., chrome. p.
  • 2nd row: all loops and knit purl nakedi p.
  • 3rd row: chrome. p., 1. p., *3 p. persons., then knit the first 3 loops over the other two, 1 yo*, 2 p. persons., chrome. p.
  • 4th row: all loops and knit purl nakedi p.

Repeat with 1 row.

√ Takes to receive a warm, not full of holes, yo knit open back:

Вязанный спицами берет Ольга. Работа Julia Easy вязание и схемы вязания

In some cases (depending on yarn) is nakida knit the loop from pulling.
√ Before you start knitting the beret, well learn the pattern on the sample (try to knit a smooth fabric, klingebiel raise klingele of obuvki). In this case, you do not have to repeatedly dissolve and bind to the product itself because of an error.

Вязанный спицами берет Ольга. Работа Julia Easy вязание и схемы вязания


Decide what method will be knitting - "Magic loop" or the forward and reverse alignments (in this case takes will be the back seam).

- to collect on smaller needles two times more loops than necessary on the circumference of your head 2 cm (stretching). The number of loops must be a multiple of 16 = 8 wedges x 2 layers. If takes will be sewn together, then 2 more edge loops.

Knit double elastic band ~ 8 cm (more or less to your taste). In the last (front) row to purl together every two loops (the edge is not taken into account).

  • in the transition from the elastic to the basic pattern to change spokes on large and evenly to make a raise. The number of loops must be divisible by 8 (assume 8 wedges), and each wedge is the number of loops must match the rapport of your chosen pattern (excluding edge). For example, I had 8 wedges x 14 loops in the wedge.
  • knit the pattern. Divide the loops into 8 equal parts (wedges). You can use markers. Decide where you will make allowances, later obuvki, at the beginning or at the end of each wedge. To do increment in every 2 row, while the diameter of the beret is 25 - 26 cm
  • then knit into exactly ~ 4 cm.
  • begin to make ubavka the same way you did for a raise.
  • the remaining 16 loops to pull and fasten on the wrong side. If taking stitched, 18 loops to tighten, to fasten, carefully execute the stitch.

Not in a hurry. The hardest part of this take - picture. Him well learn and succeed. Success.

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