Hat and bib spokes. The Work Of Gunfire

Шапка и манишка спицами. Работы Гульфиры вязание и схемы вязания

Work submitted to our competition Hats and sets.

Yarn Pekhorka "Crossbred Brazil, 50% Merino wool, 50% acrylic; 100g 200m. The consumption of yarn for hat, 1 skein.

Description of the process of crochet beanie

Head circumference 56 - 58 cm
Pattern of the braid: 6 loop garter knit x 6 loop knit socks
1 front row: purl 4, 12 facial;
2 purl row: 4 front, 6 reverse, 6 front; so knit to the crossing.
We print on the spokes 194 loops (12 KOs x 16 loops + 2 edge).
Next, knit hat pattern from KOs to the desired height.
Start to decrease stitches (in our case it is 5-7 cm). Reduction loops are only in the front ranks. KOs goes on 6x6 5x5, 4x4, 3x3, and so on.

Шапка и манишка спицами. Работы Гульфиры вязание и схемы вязания
The consumption of yarn for the bib 2 roll.

How to knit a Dickey, a description

To gain 67петель, along with chrome. 1P-1P. to remove, 40лиц, 12изн, K1., *1нак., 2P. together.*-6раз, 1нак, P1.

2P-1P. to remove, 27лиц, P1, and turn back not donativa to the end of the row.

3P-1P .to remove, 12изн, 3лиц, *1нак, 2P. together.* - 6раз, 1нак, P1.

4P-1P. to remove, 29лиц, P1, turn ago.

5P-1P.to remove,13изн,4лиц,*1нак.2P.together.*-6раз,1нак,P1.

6P-1P.to remove. to end of row, P1.

7P-1P.to remove. 40лиц,*1нак,2P.together.*-14раз,1нак,P1.

8P-1P.to remove, 31лиц,P1, turn ago.

9P-1P.to remove, 31лиц, 1нак, P1.

10p-5P. close 13лиц, 13изн, the other to the end of a number of persons, P1. 1-10 row, a 1"kink", is repeated until the required size bibs ( we have a 32 "cloves").

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