Double-sided men's hat knitting. Work Julia Easy

Двухсторонняя мужская шапка спицами. Работа Julia Easy вязание и схемы вязания

Decided to tie the cap for dad. Found a model that would suit both of us - he prefers the hat with the lapel, and I wanted the Arana's. The photo of the model was accompanied by a VERY INTERESTING description. Whole, so to speak, relish in the fact that the description indicates how many loops you need to dial the number of rows and some viscous knit across the row, starting with a knit row at the bottom... it would seem a beauty!... what else do you need?...

BUT!.. not a single word about the structure and parameters of the yarn, the needles and the head size (or age category). But it depends on how many loops to gain, how tall to knit the crown... and other nuances. Fortunately, the circuit pattern was still. For knitters with experience, in principle, nothing more is necessary, they will make all the necessary calculations for any size, yarn and knitting needles. But I was thinking about those who are just taking their first steps in this field, how much time and effort they can spend in vain, sincerely believing in the success of the "detailed description"...

Двухсторонняя мужская шапка спицами. Работа Julia Easy вязание и схемы вязания

As for the numbers in the description, which is dedicated to just reading Your "ode". As you might expect, I they didn't fit (needed to increase the number of loops in a rapport, and in height had knit a lot more rows).

However, was a pleasant surprise. The pattern was bilateral. If knitting a hat with circular knitting (seamless), you can wear one, and on the other side. However, on one side, at least I have, at the very top, still turned out a small circle from inside-out loops. Maybe someone can do it better. Or you can use a removable pompom, which will close this small defect on one side.

To associate a header like this:
1) Draw a diagram of the pattern.
A painter and a draftsman with me not very good, so excuse me as I could.
The design consists of a 4-piece, marked on the diagram as A, B, C, D. If you remove part a (lapel), we obtain the design for cap "on the head" - is the basis.
Part a and part B are knitted elastic 2 x 2.
Part C - pattern on the main circuit.
Part D - the bottom, according to the scheme with Obafemi.

Двухсторонняя мужская шапка спицами. Работа Julia Easy вязание и схемы вязания

2) One of the two below described methods determined by the required depth of the cap loose (on the diagram it consists of 3 parts B+C+D) and the height of the crown (consists of 2 parts B+C). The height of the crown is the height of hats to crochet the bottom.

  • Method 1. - Take measurements and make calculations by following the tips from the app "How to determine the height of the cap to ubavka and the diameter of the bottom". This method is preferable to the second, because in this case will take into account the individual characteristics of the head.
  • Method 2. - Use the size chart for crochet hats (I have tried to find a universal table that contains as children and adult sizes; the table is accompanied by a formula for calculating the height of the crown).

Двухсторонняя мужская шапка спицами. Работа Julia Easy вязание и схемы вязания
3), the Recorded data characterizing the depth of the cap and the height of the crown on the circuit pattern.
4) Decide how tall you want to make the lapel (within 1/3 of the height of the crown). In the diagram the pattern is a part of A.
5) Part B either equal parts A or more of part A, approximately 1 cm.
6) sample Knit elastic 2 x 2 (measurement sample do in a slightly extended form) and the designated number of loops for a set in accordance with the desired circumference of your head. It is recognized that the number of loops must be a multiple of the number of loops within the repeat (in this case 8). NOTE: if you are not knitting in a circle, and turning ranks, + 2 edge loops.
7) type in the hinges on the spokes (it can be circular with a long cord, convenient for knitting method "magic loop", and a special crochet hats with a short cable or even socks, but long - we believe that we have and what is convenient for us to use).
8) Close the knitting into a circle. In the 1st row of the distributed loop elastic bands in the following way: P1., [2., 2 Phi.] * repeat to end of row, P1. Knit elastic 2 x 2 to a height equal to part A.

Двухсторонняя мужская шапка спицами. Работа Julia Easy вязание и схемы вязания

Двухсторонняя мужская шапка спицами. Работа Julia Easy вязание и схемы вязания
9) If you plan to use only one side of the hat, then knit a series of inflection - all loops in the front row or all the loops in a row wrong (it all depends on what side of the lapel).
Item 9 is not required. Also skip it if we use both sides of the cap.
10) Continue to knit elastic band 2 x 2 to the height of part B. the offset of the elastic bands don't do, even if was knitting a series of inflection.
11) Go to the knitting part of the C pattern on the main circuit. The height of the part C = height of crown - height of part B.
If possible, during this period, it is still desirable to do the fitting.
Finish knitting this part, nearest to the desired height close rapport, which will alternate 4. and 4 Phi. loop.
12) Now you will knit the bottom. For convenience, you can go to the hosiery needles, same size. If we finished a knitting series that started and ended with 2. loops, then immediately begin knitting according to the scheme with Obafemi. If a number starts and ends as something else, first do the offset of the beginning of the series for a few loops to the left, to the junction of the beginning and end of the row was in the middle between the 4. loops (loops knit as they look at us). Now every row will begin and end in this place.
13) When all the rows of the scheme of bottom., contractible loop remaining thread. It is desirable to make not 1 but 2 turns (more is also not worth it). Neatly fasten and hide the yarn end.

And a few words now specifically about my hat.
The cap is tied to OG 59 see
Used Semenovskaya NATASHA yarn (50% wool / 50% acrylic, 250 m / 100 g), consumption less than one skein.

Двухсторонняя мужская шапка спицами. Работа Julia Easy вязание и схемы вязания

Circular knitting needles 80 cm N of 3.5. They knit to the end of the method "magic loop".
My attitude to the used yarn (knitting from it for the first time) - double, but more positive. She really is quite difficult to knit equal loops, there is some looseness of the fabric, which gives manual binding. But at the same time, perhaps precisely because of this "disadvantage", the hat turned out very soft, tender, elastic (not bad sitting at a smaller size), in fact is not felt on the head (there is no sense that on his head and dressed the Hoop and tighten). Those who are familiar with this problem agree that these victims are not worth the beauty.

After washing in warm water with a household soap perfumed cap has become even more fluffy and soft, knit smoother.
The cap is not winter, when a strong, cold wind is blown. But for fall and spring the most.
Dad's new clothes is happy, tested this fall, now waiting for spring.

The scheme of knitting hats

Двухсторонняя мужская шапка спицами. Работа Julia Easy вязание и схемы вязания

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