Women's hat knitting, knitted diagonally. The Work Of Olga

Женская шапка спицами, связанная по диагонали. Работа Ольги вязание и схемы вязания

Cap with lapel, women's, size 58-59. Associated with needles #3 of half-woolen yarn. Consumption a bit more (50-60 meters) one roll of gold with a length of 250 meters. Knitting made garter viscous (all loops front) diagonally from the corner. Recruited three loops and knit gradually adding one to loop until one side equals the circumference of your head. I got this 58 cm on the spokes turned 90 loops.

If the size is smaller, the loops on the needles should be less. Then begin to diminish the loop. In the end it should be a square or a rhombus. On the side, which I was the top, I did a shortened series (11 loops). But it's not necessary. You can just sew the finished square (I got more of a diamond) from the side and pull on the crown.

Video tutorial how to knit women's hat knitting diagonally

Master class how to tie women's cap diagonally

Мастер -класс, как связать женскую шапку по диагонали

Difficulty: low
Working time: 1 hour
Materials: thread, wool, knitting needles

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