Napkin Fan crocheted. The Work Of Anna

Салфетка Веер связана крючком. Работа Анны вязание и схемы вязания

Unfortunately the scheme is ready, not found, was knitting on the finished product, a little changed, I have turned more functional. Size 44/24cm. Wanted to draw a diagram by hand, very clear it. The description and photos are not difficult to understand, just fit. The thread is "Lily", a hook of 1.5.

Description swipe the fan

1 row-ring link 15 St/without nakida.

A number of the next column 2SN,2B.p, 3СН,2B.p,3СН and so on until the end of the row,you should get 15СН every 3столбика,2 V. p.

3 row Conn.loop moves forward in the arc of VP recruited 3 VP and the arches are finished yet 2SN,2 V. n. and in the same 3СН arch,the next arch are finished 3СН VP,2 VP and veto same arch, 3 CH,and so on until the end of the row.

4 the number above the column with nakida,3, dial,V. p., and 2SN above each column with nakida, are finished 15 SN above each column and the arch,3V.p.3СН,then don't knit,knitting is deployed,now you will knit 3 arcs out of five.Two arches turns the handle of the fan.

Moved the unit.the loop in the arch of 3 VP,3 VP, dial and knit more 2SN that arch 2B.p. and 3СН that arch (the arch turned 6 SN divided by two century loops.)1B.p,1SN,1V.p.1SN and so only 14 divided by a single SN V. loop,3СН,2B.p,3СН. Expand.

6 a row-moved to the arch between 3СН,3V.n,2SN,2B.p. 3СН,1V.p,1SN,2B.p,1SN,2B.p,1SN,SN and so 14 should be between which 2 V. loop. The archway 3СН,2B.p 3СН that arch razvorachivatsya.

7 series-the arch 3b.n,2SN,2B.p,3СН,2B.p,on SN 2SN knit,1V.n,2SN,1V.n,2SN and so on until the end,you should get 14 pair SN,divided 1 V. p.,in the latter the arch 3СН,2B.p,3СН that arch,razvorachivat.

8 row-start is repeated,3V.p.2SN ,2B.p.3СН the archway,2B.n,2SN SN over the previous row 2B.n,2SN,2B.p. and so to the end you should get 14 SN divided by the last arch 3СН,2B.p.3СН,razvorachivat

9 row-the arch 3b.n,2SN,2B.p,3СН, between the two SN 2SN knit,1V.n,2SN,skip the arch of the two V. p.,and between the next SN 2SN knit,1V.p.2SN,again, skip the arch of the V. p. and 2SN,1V.n,2SN,and so you should get 14 rapport,and the last arch 3СН,2B.p,3СН deployed.

10 the range of-3V.n,2SN,2B.p,3СН,2B.n,2SN under an air loop between 2SN previous row 1B.p.2SN that arch 1V.n ,2SN,1V.p.2SN,between the posts,1V.n,2SN,1V.n,2SN and so on until the end,ending the series 3СН,2B.p,3СН,unfold.

11,12,13 rows tally as 10,in each row increase by one air loop.

14 the number - 2SN is fit for 3СН.

Row 15 fit like a 14.

Now we need to associate the flowers,anything you like,in my case, two-layer, 7 pieces. To connect at their discretion, I connected an air loops between them jumper from the column with 5 different yo,make this vertical Steam,starch.

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