Crocheted tablecloth. The Work Of Anna

Вязанная крючком скатерть. Работа Анны вязание и схемы вязания

Tablecloth square motifs. Unfortunately, the schema is not found.
The size of the tablecloth 1.2 m by 1 m. the Yarn is "Lily", 100% cotton, hook 1,5.

Description of the tablecloth

1ряд - in ring amigurumi 6V.p. (3 for ascent and 3 on diagram), CH,3V.p,CH,3V.p.CH,3V.p,4 CH, Conn.loop.

2ряд-move under the archway of the unit.loop, 3,V. p., 5СН the archway before.series (including the first column,make 6 CH),5V.p,6СН in the next arch before series,5V.p,6СН,5V.p,6СН,5V.p Conn.loop.Turned corners.

3ряд-3V.p podma,yo,in the trail.loop knit into the SN but not dokazyvaet,do yo,SN not tavaziva are finished and are finished all 3 St one loop (in short,3 of SN with one vertex),2B.p,3СН with a single vertex,2V.p,1SN
under the arch,5V.p.1SN under the same arch(formed angle),2B.p, 3СНс one of the top 2B.p,3СН with a single vertex,2V.p,1 CH., 5 V. p. 1SN under the same arch,2B.p,3СН with a single vertex,because then we create 4 corner...the unit.loop.

4ряд-3V.p lift,1SN,2SN under the air loop before row,1SN at a common vertex pred series 2SN under V. p,1SN in a column before. series 3СН in the corner before a series(under the arch of 5 VP),5V.p,3СН under the same arch (formed angle),SN over a pole.pred.number,2SN under V. p pred of the row,1SN in total weirs.pred.number,2SN under V. p. before row,1SN at a common vertex,2SN over V. p,1SN article on pred.series 3СН in the arch of 5 V. p.(total turns 16 CH.)5V.p,3СН in the same arch,1 CH in a column before.of a number,another angle is formed.,and 2 of the angle formed...
Carefully, counts the number of bars, their should be 16.

5ряд-3V.p lift,2 V. p scheme,skip 2 column and the third column pred.lines are finished CH,2B.p, 2 St before.row noise,and in the third are finished CH,2B.p, just skip 2 St and SN are finished (front angle) in the area are finished 3СН,5V.p.3СН in the same arch,1 CH in a column before.series.2B.p,skip 2 column pred.number,and utratu loop pred.number SN,2B.p,2 skip.SN,and so on until the area formed by the angle(3СН in the arch of 5 V. p.,5V.p,3СН in the arch,1 CH in a column before.range) net of 5 frames...and so on until the end of the row repeat pattern...

6ряд-fit 5 row,5V.p,SN in a column before.series,V. 2, p SN, etc,knit to the corner,over the four SN before.of row,knit 2B.p and a last column before corner CH,then 3 CH in the arch of the five VP,5 VP,3СН in the arch of 1 CH in a column before.row 2B.p,SN in a column before.series,V. 2, p,SN and so to the corner,the newly formed angle and further to the end.Connected the motifs on last row,but everyone has their own way of connection.

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