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фото вязаного крючком купальника

My name is Olga,I am 52 years old and knit 36 years and now are a professional hand-knitting. In your city opened a workshop of crafts. Do design and modeling. My favorite work - knitted swimwear, work on the order with pleasure. This one is called "lime and lemon" is made of yarn cotton-stretch "Kamteks" 98%cotton,2% lycra.

My second job "Lemon and lime". Love working with this yarn, great fit and a hook and spokes.

фото вязаного крючком купальника

This work is called "the Girl with mint-colored" , linked from the same thread "Kamteks". The shorts are knitted with spokes is one of my favorite works.

шорты и топ для девочки фото

Scheme knitting top:

схема вязания топа

This work is made to order -shrug Butterfly symbol the butterfly is a symbol of love, syazany with the element in Irish crochet butterfly from semenovskoy yarn "Cable" . Gorgeous yarn, 100% cotton,after washing, soft and very pleasant to the body.

фото вязаного крючком болеро

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