Cap (cap) for girl knitting. The Work Of Olga

Шапочка (чепчик) для девочки спицами. Работа Ольги вязание и схемы вязания

Beanie for girls age 1.5-3 years. Well, knit?

Basic patterns for knitting our hats:

  • gum 1x1;
  • "stars" -enter the pin in the front 3 loops on the left needle and the two of them together are finished at the rear of the front thread; without removing from the spokes our knit 3 stitches, make a yo on the right needle and again are finished the same 3 stitches together front behind the rear thread. Then knit loop with left needle remove.

Pattern "asterisk" at the knitting will have to be staggered:

  • =the number of loops multiple of 6 + 2 edge.
  • 1 row: * 3 individuals, with 3 x 3; repeat from *
  • 2 and 4 rows - purl loop
  • 3rd row - *3 3, 3 persons; repeat from *
  • 5 row = 1 row

So, with a pattern figured out, start knitting.

Description beanie for girls

Шапочка (чепчик) для девочки спицами. Работа Ольги вязание и схемы вязания

1.On the spokes № 2,5 recruited 55 loops (or more = the circumference of the oval of the face) and knit elastic band 1 × 1 6 (8) rows.

2. The 7th (9th) series knit purl uniformly adding from the broaches 10 loops = 65 loops on the needles.

3. Starting from the 8th (10th) row knitting our pattern "stars". Knit to the height of 20 rows (maybe someone will need a wider strip).

Further forming the crown of our hats. For go on 5 spokes number 2 and knit in a circle.

Immediately after the pattern "stars" provazhal circular a number of purl loops. uniformly subtracting 5 stitches (=60 stitches on the needles)

The top of the front knit stitch. subtracting the loop ten wedges. For this 1 row are finished along the front every 5-th and 6-th loop - 10 times. Then are finished a row without bauleni (this is necessary to ensure that our wedges were more elongated).

3 row - together 4 and 5 of the loop 4, 6, 8 rows - all the front loop; 5 number - 3 or 4 loops; 7 row 2 and 3 together loop; 9 row - all loops knit 2 together at the front.

The remaining 10 loops contractible needle and fasten.

Now, knit the edges. In the 7th row of the beanie, who was knitting purl loops (knitting after gum 1x1) in each loop knit across the row by 2 column with 2 yo. In my version of the casing and cap are connected one color. If desired, the frill can be linked in a contrasting color.

A second row of ruffles make on top of that row, which was knitting purl loops (knitting after "stars").

If you have the frill in a contrasting color, the edge ruffles to make Pico thread main color. Order knit * 3 column without nakida, 2 air loop, a column without nakida in the same third loop = repeat from * to end of row.

Knitted ruffle you can sew a frill of lace - if a hat will be knit in a lighter version(from thin threads, for spring or cool summer evenings). Also for easy knitted beanie our casing can be decorated with beads. This is all do as will prompt the imagination)))).

Left to crochet drawstring-the drawstring, with knit the very outset and not breaking off the yarn, continue knitting binds our cap on the bottom, then on the other hand, again, tie the tie the desired length.

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