Crochet flowers in a pot. Flower Celosia

Вязаные крючком цветы в горшочке фото

Crochet flowers in a pot. Flower Celosia. Author Olga.

Flowers and leaves are made of acrylic yarn "KARTOPU", and a pot of half-woolen yarn.
Hook № 1,75, weight 230 gr.
Used: yarn 200g., wire 90cm, polyester.

Flowers 7 pieces, 11 pieces of leaves, the height of the bouquet 28.5 cm.

The flowers are linked in one strand, a description of the link . But with the amendment, knit two extra rows of columns with nakida 1 (the beginning of the flower was longer). Followed by 4 and row two column 1 nakida. Every flower tied with a finish of 3 who.p. 1P.without nakida.
The flowers are made of acrylic yarn "KARTOPU", so it turned out dense, three-dimensional, piling in is a lot harsh.

Вязаные крючком цветы в горшочке фото

Leaves - the diagram at this link is not for the leaf, but is suitable and matches the associated leaf of the bouquet. Length is governed by a set of loops of the chain, I gained 25P., rounding of the leaf scheme.

Another leaf : , photos of the penultimate schema, but yet small.

Leaves - tied in a circle fine wire yarn method "crayfish step" (keep their shape) .

The whole stem is tightly wrapped with thread, mounted on the bottom of the flower, the leaves are also tightly wrapped with thread.
Assembled bouquet tighten a thick thread to secure.
Pot, it's my imagination ( it is possible to knit and differently): for pot to dial a chain of 45п., without adding to or subtracting loops to tie 9cm ( without hinges lift) in a circle - 1P. without nakida, 1P. air repeating until the end.

Вязаные крючком цветы в горшочке фото

Saucer: to associate the desired height of the pot to gain from the beginning of knitting of the pot in the chain 45п. and knit 3 cm

To make the sides : pull the thread on the hook, running the hook 1 cm below the rim, then hook yo, once again, pull a thread, starting the hook 1 cm below the edge, then all gathered together knit into 1P. without nakida and 1 air.p. repeat until the end.

Earth: gain chain from 6-8P. black yarn (thick), periodically knit 2nd p. in some 4-5 loops just knit circle of the desired diameter, the diameter of the pot, without the scheme, I like it when the ground is not smooth when there's not a lot of bumps.

A pot stuffed with batting, sew the ground, just a linked circle, the diameter of the pot is not a big hole in the middle for a bouquet, start there flowers on the wire, on the bottom of the pot wire wrapped in different directions (the flowers will not fall out), batting complement.

Turn upside gain loop, knit 1 row, then gradually subtract two loops over the front wall in each 4 or 5 the loop (depends on the thickness of the thread and the diameter of the pot) in the center tighten. In the course of work everything will be visible.
I tried to describe the work in more detail!

Вязаные крючком цветы в горшочке фото

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