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вязаная спицами кофта

The Work Of Tatiana. Jacket for baby from 3 months. up to 1 year fit knitting by adding beads.

вязаная спицами кофта

The Work Of Olga. Jacket knitted for my son, a motorcyclist. Knitting simple socks and viscous ( front and back), added the ornament (the name of the motorcycle). Sleeve half-mast. In General, everything is simple.

фото вязаной спицами мужской кофты

Coat Magic. Work From Julia. Yarn MAGIC AURORA. Made In Germany. The yarn is very interesting. Model taken from the magazine Sabrina special edition No. 2/2014. Coats and cardigans.

фото вязаного спциами пальто фото вязаного спциами пальто

My name is Tanya! Knitting since childhood. My grandmother showed me the front and purl the rest of taught myself from books and magazines. This is one of my works.

фото вязаного спицами свитера

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