Openwork beret with rose crochet

Ажурный берет крючком фото

My name is Vita. This takes decided to tie my daughter 1.5 years to 8 March.
Openwork beret with rose for girls, crocheted from baby yarn cotton acrylic purple. It took 50 grams of yarn, a hook № 2,5, ribbon.

You should start working from the bottom. To close the chain of the 6 EAP in a circle and knit, so there are 4-5 rows, making increases in each row for 12 С1Н. To continue "oblique" grid. When the diameter of the circle will reach 19-20cm. continue knitting С1Н making obuvki in 12 places. When the inner diameter is 16 cm, knit 4 cm right.
For rose petals to score 26 of 52 VI. 3 VP of rise, a column with nakida (С1Н) in the fourth loop, VP, [С1Н in next loop, VP, С1Н in the same loop - turns out the letter V, VP], to repeat that in square brackets to end of row. 3 lift VP, С1Н, 3 VP, 2 С1Н in the same arch of the letter V, [2 С1Н, 3 VP, 2 С1Н into the next arch of the letter V] to continue something in parenthesis, to the end of the series. 3 VP rise, 9 С1Н in the arch, double V, 10 С1Н in the next arch, and so till the end of the row. Twist the braid in a circle and sew the thread.

Ажурный берет крючком фото

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