Crochet shawl - panels

Вязаная крючком шаль

Shawl angel tied under the impression of paintings remarkable artist Josephine wall. It's not even a shawl, but rather a panel in the form of a shawl. Yarn used Yarn art. There are so many different types of this yarn.

The face of an angel decided to embroider with beads to make it look well. This is one of my first works. I really want to link another picture. What a wonderful technique of Irish lace, you can knit even paintings and Express their imagination. Be sure to master this technique and You will get great enjoyment creating their own unique masterpieces. Sincerely Maria Casanova.Вязаная крючком шальВязаная крючком шальВязаная крючком шальВязаная крючком шаль

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