The Work Of Angela

Работы Анжелы

Hi! I'm Angela. Knit always and everywhere. As a child, my dolls were very fashionable,and now knitting for the family. This dress is "CAPPUCCINO". Thread MAXI . Left 4 bundle . Schemes of teams, nothing concrete and not difficult, so do not publish.

вязаный крючком жакет


Dress in explanation *Olivia* Vanessa Montoro:

фотовязаного крючком платья

Tied his tunic, here are bragging. First time knitting motifs do not have the patience for the monotony, so all trace of them.

туника крючком

T-shirt daughter. Thread LILU Turkish, a little thick, like a thin openwork. Shemka from the Internet, probably only lazy did not knit on it:

майка крючком

Another blouse. "Iarocci" thick, thread went a lot, 4 skeins MAXI. The pattern is also from the Internet, slightly changed the cuffs and Golovinka tied differently.

кофточка крючком

"Mustard frills". This thing came out economical because of the simple pattern and mesh. Again favorite MAXI. Think of any pattern no tie, all will look good.

кофточка крючком

This is one of the first works of crochet. Previously, there was a good thread for the hook and all I knitted. Yes, the work thread "begonia", cotton and all Turkey.

кофточка крючком

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