The Work Of Natalia

Платье и панамка для девочки - работа Натальи

My name is Natalia. Addicted to knitting since childhood. I saw a picture on the Internet. Decided to tie. That's what happened. H. b thread the hook of 1.5. 150 gr of white yarn and 50 gr purple. Plans a lot more interesting. Will share my work.

платье для девочки

Set for girls. Thread wool. With silver thread. The sun pours beautifully. Hook No. 2. Added a bit of lace and that's what happened.

вязаные крючком пинетки

Already to the associated dress and the headdress tied shoes. The leather sole. Nice and comfortable. Thread, cotton, "max", the hook of 1.5. Decorated with ribbon in the color.

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