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Работы Аннушки Катиной

Children's plaid motifs for a newborn baby, for strollers. Knit crochet warm fine yarn, it turns out very beautifully and gently, the standard pattern. Tied around with lace and decorated with ribbon.

Работы Аннушки Катиной

Baby set for newborn baby boy. Knit on the statement of the son crochet from cotton yarn. A cap knit by the scheme, and blouse came up with myself, unfortunately I do not remember how to knit, don't even remember. So it is unlikely I have it again re-connects, so sorry.

Работы Аннушки Катиной
Children's handbag cat for girl 4-6 years. Fit the hook. Very original and beautiful! Fit the bottom like a baby's booty, then going up to size.

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