Knitted toys - the works of Elena, Cherichenko

вязаная крючком игрушка

My name is Lena Cherichenko. Knitting toys crochet began two months ago at the workshops. A very exciting experience. Want to show that I did. Grafica knit from a simple, but vivid yarn. Here he is the rainbow.

Вязаные игрушки - работы Елена Сериченко

Zhirafik is colorful, bright yarn, eyes-beads, for the master class. Here you can show imagination and decorate in the colors of what your heart desires, or associate two, or three colors.

Вязаные игрушки - работы Елена Сериченко

This is my first job, girlfriend, kitty. Knitting for the master class and is very grateful to its Creator. MK take a look on the website.

Вязаные игрушки - работы Елена Сериченко

My favorite work-sad bear. The dress is of cotton thread, and the bear out of the ordinary yarn.

Вязаные игрушки - работы Елена Сериченко

Another of my work, turtle and again knitting master class cotton thread, inside the frame of the wire, eye-beads.

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