Blue suit knitting - work Alexandra

женский костюм спицами

Hello! My name is Alexandra. I have already shared their works. And here again decided to offer a COSTUME that I made for autumn days knitting. Costume knitted from the yarn PEKHORKA CHILDREN's 100% COTTON 330m/100g. Left almost 800 grams.

женский костюм спицами

The skirt is connected from the bands at the top, a straight bottom finished with frill. Jumper is connected from the bottom of the gum.Raglan sleeve. Neckline tie hook PICO: 1 the number in a circle tbsp. without nakida and "PICO"- * *1 tbsp. b/n, 3 air. loop, 1 tbsp b/n in the 1st loop, 1 loop of the previous row skip, repeat from **.

женский костюм спицами

женский костюм спицами

The scheme of knitting costume:

схема вязания костюма спицами схема вязания костюма спицами

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