Knitting Slippers

Вязаные спицами тапочки

Hello! My name is Elena. Recently became a teacher of additional education, and lead the club "Masteritsa" (crochet and knitting, sewing). Before me stood a task to interest the girls with something unusual and simple. Asked them to tie the Slippers are very easy to perform, they can knit as crochet and knitting.

One of my students already knitted a pair for my mom, I bring to your attention. The yarn took a little bit, about 100 g. Recruited 40 hinges (38 size), and garter viscous fit 70 series, and then start the subtraction, and for this purpose the end of each row promazyvaetsya two loops together. And so to the end, the three remaining loops to close in one go. Then Slippers are sewn together. Can decorate. My student Lisa was adorned with knitted rosettes.

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