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Работы Беляевой Елены

The costume for Lisa. This wonderful suit I knitted for my friend's daughter. It is made of mélange yarn "Alize", lasted approximately 3 skeins of yarn because the size of suit is small, approximately 4-6 months. The binding is very simple - "checkerboard" 5x5, used needles №3,5. The collar tie hook.

Работы Беляевой Елены

Furry booties with the addition of "grass". My favorite booties knitted spokes. Yarn consumption is minimal from the rest of this colorful. I products add yarn "grass", they are fluffy, soft, beautiful! These booties will be a wonderful gift for baby. By increasing the number of loops on the dial, you can increase the size of the booties. Instead of the lace to insert the elastic cord and use it as socks.

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