Knitted crochet hat and mittens - the works of Natalia Khromykh

вязаная крючком шапка

Hello, my name is Natalia! With approach of colds the question arose on a warm cap. Wish she was still beautiful. Rummaged on the Internet and found a Mini mouse hat, scarf and mittens. This is what happened!

The bottom caps were knitted by figure 1.2 in the diagram. To the desired depth knit St with nakida ( for head circumference 48-50cm 17 cm).

схема вязания шапки крючком

The lugs (bottom) to 30 loops on each ear, reduce the two loops on each side, until there are 3-5 loops. Tied rachim step.
1 row: 2 VP, and lock them into the ring, then knit in a circle 7 SC [= 7];
2 row: 7 Increases (this is 2 loops in one) [=14]
3rd row: (Increase 1 SC)* 7 times [=21]
4th row: (Increase, 2 SC)* 7 times=28]
Row 5: (Increase, 3 SC)* 7 times=35]
6 series: (Raise, 4 SC)* 7 times=42]
7th row: (Increase, 5 SC)* 7 times [=49]
Row 8: (Increase 6 SC)* 7 times=56] on each ear, you must associate 3 part. A number of the details you need to give rigidity lugs, i.e. lugs to hold and fell backward or forward.
Next, you need to connect all 3 parts povezav by a circle of columns without nakida. In this last 8-10 bars leave unconnected - it will be attaching ears to the hood.
Tip: Each of the three parts of the ear need to sew to the hat separately, slightly apart between about 0.5-1 cm.. due to such spacers, the lug will stay straight and not to fall forward or backward.

Row 1: chain 15 VP, 2 VP lift, 14 PSN in loop chain [15]. Turn the knitting and then knit forward and backward rows.
2-12 series (11 series): 15 PSN [15].
Next, go to the formation of the recesses on one side of the bow.
13 range: 2 VP lift, skip 1 loop of the previous row, 13 PSN [14]
14 range: 14 PSN [14].
15 range: 2 VP lift, skip 1 loop of the previous row, 12 pssn[13]
16 range: 13 PSN [13].
Row 17: 2 VP lift, skip 1 loop of the previous row, 11 PSN[12]
18 range: 12 pcsn [12].
Next 2 rows are the center of the bow and through them will pass the drawstring, tightening the bow: 19 number: 3 lift VP, *(skip 1 loop of the previous row, 1 SSN)*. Repeat the sequence ** to end of row. [12]
20 range: 3 VP lift, *(skip 1 loop of the previous row, 1 SSN)*. Repeat the sequence ** to end of row. [12]
Next, knit with increments on the side of the bow, where the rows 13, 15 and 17 were obuvki. 21 range: 12 pcsn [12].
22 number: 2 lift VP, 1 pssn in the first loop, 11 PSN [13]
23 range: 13 PSN [13].
24 number: 2 lift VP, 1 pssn in the first loop, 12 PSN [14]
25 number: 14 PSN [14].
26 number: 2 lift VP, 1 pssn in the first loop 13 PSN [15]
27-38 rows (12 rows): 15 PSN [15].
At this stage we have obtained here is a detail:
Continue to repeat rows 13-26 for the back of the bow and in the last row to connect the workpiece to bow into the ring, pravasa the last row of the connecting columns.
Tie the billet to bow top and bottom edge of the "rachim step."
Then add up the resulting part as shown in the photo below, aligning the holes of both surfaces of the bow: Tie a chain of VP length of 20-25 cm and thread it through the holes of the workpiece. To link Central do bow (rectangle):
For this 6th EP and SBN knit direct and inverse series (6 SC in each row) to a length sufficient to wrap the bow in the center, closing the place of the contraction.
Attach the tape to the Central part of the bow, wrap it around the bow and sew first and last rows of ribbons, placing the seam in the back of the bow.
Sew bow to hat.

Tip: to bow, as well as the ears wouldn't fall backward or forward, I recommend to sew the bow in several places in the ears - so the design of the "bow-ears" will be more sustainable.
the scarf is knit in three parts red-black-red, red parts decorate with a mouse silhouette and fringe.

Mittens: collect 10 air loops and tied St s/n in both sides in 3 rows. The two halves made to leave 6 loops for the fingers, tied a hole 4 rows, knitted elastic band and all! And of course adorned with beads!

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