Prom dress "jewel"

фото вяззаного крючком платья

Dress Zhemchuzhinka prom, ball.

Author Valentina Litvinova.

фото вяззаного крючком платья

Dress connected hook № 1.1 for girls 11 - 14 years.

фото вяззаного крючком платья

Cotton, just 600 GRS. Skirt "the Sun", skirt length 60 cm Length 100 cm dress Size is adjustable in the waist. The scheme of the skirt has not survived (take a magazine in the library), picked up similar.

фото вяззаного крючком платья
I'm Valentina Litvinova, a housewife. Knit since childhood. Knit in the "authors' salons jerseys. Now a little knit to order.
I will try to answer all questions from readers in the comments.
Thank you for your comments.

Scheme crochet dress:

схемы вязания платья

схемы вязания платья

The chart is for skirt:

схема вязания платья

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