The work of Hope in the Irish technology

Работы Надежды в ирландской технике

Blouse summer. Thread consumption 300 gr. The main reasons are connected from threads of cotton and Lily, and the mesh is made of thin viscose. The hook of 1.0 and 0.75. Blouse is connected to order. Motifs knitting without schemes arbitrarily.

Blouse in Irish equipment, related to my daughter. Thread X/B. 250 gr. The hook of 1.0.
Diagram is not accurate. Just take a separate tune, and upgraded on its own. The irregular mesh.

Работы Надежды в ирландской технике

Dress knitted to order all in the same Irish technique. This is my favorite technique of knitting though and long lasting. The dress went 550 gr. thread cotton. Hook-n 1,0. Irregular mesh of threads on the right thinner.

платье в ирландской технике

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