Tack sheep - work Povarovoy Alexandra

Прихватка овечка - работа Поваровой Александры

My name is Alexander Povarova. I submit for the contest in the nomination "Professional look" tack - sheep. For the manufacture of oven mitts - lambs you will need 2 hours of time and a bit of cotton thread. If you only associate the muzzle, attach a magnet, you get a little souvenir. If you linked 2 big size, you get cover for a round cushion, fastened with a zipper or buttons.

For the manufacture of tacks, we need:

* Hook No. 3
* Thread crochet (better cotton) we need flowers
* Wooden beads 4 PCs.
* Ready eyes
* A needle and thread
* The Glue "Moment"
* Scissors

Take a yarn of the desired color and begin knitting a circle of columns without nakida. Knit 10 rows, you might get more or less, it all depends on what thickness yarn you are knitting and what size you want to tie the potholder. If the yarn is thin, it can be doubled or tripled.
Then we'll knit fan 4 column 1 nakida.
Thus, we will make our curly hair sheep.
The basis for oven mitts ready, it can be left like that.
For the edging take the strings of contrasting colors and knit them a series of columns without nakida.
At the end of the series definitely need to do a loop of loops, we've got 15 of the stitches.

Thread is best to take a different color to differentiate it. Circle knit columns without nakida, of that magnitude, what you need to muzzle, about 3-4 rows (again, depends on what yarn you are knitting). When the circle is ready, attach the lugs out of the stitches. Knitting need not tearing the thread. The total reached 15 loops. All muzzle ready. Thread hiding very carefully the back.

Here you can create a variety of hairstyles, what do you like (flowers, fringe).
On sample: 2 air. loops 2nd do 1 tbsp. without nakida. Then 5 air. loops close in a ring, then knit 5 air.loops, close them in the ring 1 tbsp. without nakida, then 4,then 5 tbsp. of BZ.nakida, and all of them lock into the ring. The more loops you complete the ring, the more magnificent the will hair.

Knit in our case, two chains of 25 loops.
Fasten on the legs of the bead, at the end tie knots below the beads stuck. Legs of lamb ready.
Now let's try the eyes, they can embroider most. You can also play with my hair.
The selected glue the eyes to the muzzle and visiem still on it a couple of stitches (the mouth).
Now we need to build legs.
Pull chain with beads through the far loop. It turns out that such a loop. Here through it and extend the chain
Very gently tighten. Also can be another way to fix the legs. First, the associated chain is threaded through the body without beads, and only then, when you adjust the legs, dress beads. If you pin the second method, the legs are more movable than in the first case.
Try, where we have located the head and sew it to the body.

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