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свитер спицами

This sweater I saw online, liked it and made for myself. It took me a yarn "Arnart super Merino" (100 g-300 m), yarn consumption 400 g, size 46. The sweater is stocking pattern, front pattern of the Arana's.

свитер спицами

That is such a warm, comfortable sweater I knitted for myself. Size 46. Yarn "real alizée 40" in 100 gr-480 m. Knit 2 yarn, knitting needles 8.0 (Chinese size). Yarn consumption of 500 grams.

свитер спицами

Description: the 1x1 pattern, thread waste. Back gained 76 pet. (42cm). Knit 100 rows. Then did the decrease of the loops for armholes in each front row 1 - 4 pet.,1 time 2 -1 pet., 1P.-1P. So I knitted up to the neck. From armhole to neckline knit 52 rows.

In front: 42 cm scored 86 pet. In the middle of the knit pattern of the braid (.) on the sides of the 1x1 thread waste.

Sleeve: 46 Peto, for the extension in every 6th row did adding loops on both sides, knit 40 cm, then do the decrease for armhole: 1P-4P; 1P-2P; 6P-1P; 3P-2P; 2P -3P. and all the remaining loops close.

Collar: 80 pet. Gum 1x1. height 18-19 cm That's all. Light eyes!

свитер спицами

White, warm, elegant sweater knitted from the threads of "Angora RAM" in 2 strings. Size 50, the yarn consumption up to 800 gr.

Description: back and front were scored 110 loops.Knit pattern "spit 5x5",between 8 izenave. pet.On the sleeves gained at 50 pet., The collar 80 pet. Associated rubber band 1x1.

кофта спицами

кофта спицами
Warm, cozy sweater tied for a friend. Used yarn "Merino Arnart exclusive" 100 grams-220 m,knitting needles No. 4. Size 46, the flow of the threads up to 700 gr.

Back: elastic band 105 pet. then evenly added 7 pet.=112 pet. Shelves: elastic band 65 pet( 10 pet. strap). Sleeves: elastic band 47 pet,then added 5 pet.=52 pet. To openings made the expansion of sleeves using the 6 series. Collar:73 pet.(elastic 1x1). To figure unfortunately the scheme no, I knit it from memory.

свитер спицами свитер спицами

My customer liked the cardigan from the log, tied I am. It is warm and cozy. Cardigan is knitted from wool mixture , size 48, yarn consumption of 1100 g. Spokes 5.0.

свитер спицами

A warm sweater is for my daughter, size 48, used a yarn "Arnart Vries" (100g-200m.)4.0 knitting needles; yarn consumption 500 gr.

Description: back and front gained 60 pet. knitting hosiery knitting, to see the openings 46 and the openings 23, see

Sleeve: scored 30 Pat in every 6th row was added for 1H. both sides of the extension leaf. Collar bound elastic 1x1, gaining 70 pet, height 19-20 cm

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