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занавеска крючком

I like sirloin the technique of knitting.Decided to tie in this technique the curtain on the small window of the veranda. Strands x\b "Daisy". How much threads do not remember. But the curtain use it with pleasure. It makes my verandochke very cozy!

Работы Любови

This doily I crocheted from x\b thread a gift to his girlfriend. Napkin decorated her coffee table.I am pleased that she reminds her friend about me.

Работы Любови

These snowflakes now adorning their Tree. The last year has imposed sets of snowflakes to her friends. They were very pleased with the gifts.

Работы Любови

Right, this rug reminds us of childhood, grandma?! I wanted to link like this. As I enjoyed the creative process! And I'm glad I got rid of the unnecessary knitted things cut into strips for "yarn"polovica!

Работы Любови

So I tied a kitchen towel.Such towelie I love to cover my cakes. Such kitchen utensils makes my kitchen cozy and elegant. I love giving such gifts to their loved ones. Used x b thread "Tulip".

Работы Любови

That's so funny happened to me Christmas tapestry doily. This was my first banding wipes. It was difficult to calculate the number of loops, but my desire won. Thread" Аlize.miss". Left one skein.

Работы Любови

So I upgraded linen napkins. Used to work the remnants of x\b thread. And the makeup was fun. My guests use them with pleasure.

Работы Любови

Once the collar was knitting for her daughter, then still a schoolgirl. Scheme, unfortunately, did not remain, but his hands remembered. The collar is knitted from x\b thread, "Lily", env.45 cm of the 4 motifs. Wear with pleasure.

салфетки крючком

I love to bring in a purchased thing a piece of his soul. So tapestry placemats Easter ennobled border. Used thread "Аlize.Miss"

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