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кофточка спицами

Blouse for girls 10-11 years tied the threads of "real alizée 40" in 2 strings,yarn consumption up to 500 gr.Pattern "Wafer",scheme no knit from memory.

Работы Ирины Стильник

Here's a sweater knitted for my son.Size 48. Used thread "Arnart jeans" 100% cotton, 50 gr.-160., yarn consumption: 500 gr.Associated front surface, the sides of the pattern of the braid.

Работы Ирины Стильник

T-shirt for my daughter. Size 46, tied the threads of the Maxi 100% cotton, yarn consumption of 200 grams, hook 1.5. It is good and comfortable in the heat.

Работы Ирины Стильник

Here's a sweater knitted for my daughter. It is good and convenient. Size 48.Thread "Arnart super Merino" 100 g-300m. yarn consumption to 500 grams.

Работы Ирины Стильник

Pullover size 46-48 knitted from yarn "Arnart super Merino" 25% wool and 75% acrylic,100 gr.-300m. Yarn consumption to 500 grams.

свитер спицами

A warm sweater is for a friend,who lives in Arkhangelsk. Used yarn "Lanosa" (25% wool and 75%acrylic; 100gr in-260m). Size 52. Yarn consumption 700 grams. The idea is taken from the magazine "Verena" 10/97.

жилет спицами

The vest is made of threads "Arnart Angora de Lux" in 2 strings. Size 52. Yarn consumption of 400 grams. It is warm and comfortable.

детская кофточка спицами

Blouse tied in a gift for girl 12-18 months. The idea was taken from the Internet. Used baby acrylic. It is warm, cozy and beautiful!
жакет спицами

жакет спицами

Cardigan for navestock, bound the threads of "Arctic" 100% wool. Size 52. Yarn consumption 1100 grams. Spokes 3.0. Linked pattern of "Teeth" in the middle of the pattern of the braid.



Summer suit bound for her friend. Size 52. Knitted from the threads of the Maxi 100% cotton, crochet hook 1.5(clover). Yarn consumption of 500 grams. Blouse is made of motifs, and the skirt С1Н.

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