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Тапочки - следки спицами

The Slippers description: dial 3 loops.

  • 1st row : chrome, yo, Phi, yo, chrome.
  • 2nd row : chrome, Phi, yo, individuals, yo, Phi, chrome.
  • 3rd row : chrome, people, Phi, NAK, Phi, NAK, Phi, persons, chrome.
  • 4 range : chrome, Phi, people, Phi, NAC, individuals NAC, Phi, persons., chrome.
  • Number 5: chrome; persons; Phi; individuals; Phi; NAC; Phi; NAC; Phi; individuals; Phi; individuals; chrome.

The Central loop is formed on both sides of which are made of nacida. Nakedi promazyvaetsya always the wrong loop. Knit until you have 73 of the loop.

тапочки следки спицами

The top fit elastic 1x1
The last time nakedi did on the reverse side.
Divide into three parts 26-21-26, knit the toe as the heel on the middle hinge 21, capturing the side until the end of the loop on the side spokes.
Now begin knitting the side together with the sole, for this recruit on each side 12 loops, then knit straight, not forgetting the first and the last 5 loops knit garter knitting.
It turns out 30 rows to the heel.
Now vivasyan the heel, the last few rows are knit in garter viscous.
The region tied with a hook, the columns of b/n,"crayfish". Decorated with POM-poms, and you can decorate anything or not to decorate.

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