Crocheted shawls - works Lana

Вязаные крючком шали - работы Lana

The shawl pattern is associated with "small pineapple". Fit easily and quickly. Hook number 4 and 600 g of wool yarn - and the shawl is ready!

The pineapple pattern small fit from the bottom corner of the shawl.
Scheme crochet shawls:

схема вязания шали

The shawl is a gift to the curator. Get air, but warm!

Вязаные крючком шали - работы Lana

Pattern shells fit from the middle to the desired size.

схема вязания шали

Knitting this shawl you will need 600-650 GRS wool blend yarn and a hook № 4. Related to the shawl pattern "shells."

Вязаные крючком шали - работы Lana

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