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Свитер спицами

Sweater for my son. Size 46-48. Yarn Yarnart. The basic pattern shown below. On the front and sleeves - braid. The elastic is 7 cm and the sleeve 5, see

Кофточка для девочки спицами

Blouse for girls of 7-8 years. Mohair yarn. The back and sleeves of the front surface of the front - braids. Gum 5 see Buttons to crochet.

Митенки спицами

Mittens connected by yarn Pekhorka (85% Merino, 15%acrylic). According to this scheme.

Свитер мужской связаный спицами

Sweater men's, size 48-50.Thread Yarnart, semi-wool. Penguin embroidered technique "embroidery on knitwear".

Женская шапка спицами

Hat female 57 size. Material: yarn "Alize" Cashmira. Pattern: bottom of the "Asian tiger", the top - soty.

Женская шапка спицами

Cap is tied from the Pekhorka (85% Merino, 15%acrylic). 56 size. Pattern "spit Complex".

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