Knitting vest - the work of Mary Gnedko

Вязаный спицами жилет - работа Марии Гнедько

The vest is knitted from the "marketplace" threads of the pattern "asterisk", collar tied with a hook.

The vest is knitted No. 5, length 53 cm, bust 76 cm, bottom is connected by rubber band 2 x 2 (2 purl, 2 front by knitting the front loop swap, knit the second, the first before work, then knit first), sleeves & neckline bound with elastic band 1 x 1.

For the symmetry of the figure, the third row is knit as follows: edging, 3 face, of three three, *front, three three* 3 the front edge.

Pattern "asterisk"


  • 1st row-3 loops — 3, 1 facial, etc.;
  • 2nd and all even rows — purl all loops;
  • 3rd row- 2 front (3 loops — 3, 1 front);
  • 5th row-repeat pattern.

Set: edge + (4 x number of reports) + the front + of the edge.

This is an automatic translation of the publication in Russian.

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