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Работы Мили

Daisies in the basket. Diameter 4.5 cm Fit in very easy.

1 row (yellow yarn): recruit 5 air loop, make a ring.
2 the number of columns with nakida.
3 row (white yarn) knit arcs of 5 air. loops.
4 a number of columns with nakida. For a basis I took the basket using wire made the handle wrapped with beads. Flowers attached by wire.

Работы Мили

To your attention I want to offer the kit "Spring freshness".

Beret: head Circumference 45 to 50 cm, the 1st number 6 loops to connect in a ring. The 2nd number in the ring knit into the 12 St. with nakida. 3 the number in each loop purl 2 tbsp. with n.,-those turned out 24 St. with n. 4 a number of 1 PT. in 1st loop, CH. 2st. with n in the trail. the loop-those will turn 36 St. with n. Then knit another 6 rows, adding uniformly in each row by 12 loops. Get a circle with a diameter of 20 cm. mark. 3 rows are knitted without increases, even 4 rows of knit St. with n, but in each row evenly diminish in the 12 century. the Last 3 rows of knit St. without nakida.

Handbag: Recruited 60 cm air. loop, 2 tbsp. with n. row 3 row 1 loop 4 columns with n. so up to your discretion, knit length. Handle PT, PhD, recruited in mid-air 20. p, 2nd row knit St from n and we are done. It is possible to decorate flowers.

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