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Элегантная кофточка спицами

Elegant blouse made of yarn "elegant", the figure spoke "Bear paws", elastic band crochet.

Scheme knitting pattern:

схема вязания узора спицами для кофточки

Jacket size 52 made of yarn of Flize is connected by spokes for my girlfriend, who lives in Armenia. I wanted to warm my hands warm my friend and keep you from disease. Blouse buttons down the front.

Кофта спицами

Sundress I have exhibited, but the summer quilt I offer for your consideration. Linked from synthetic yarn (Babina), crochet, making it a very light, delicate and airy.

Накидка спицами

Tippet yarn "cid moxer" connected on the plug. Very delicate, beautiful and elegant.

Палантин спицами

This blouse style Bat crocheted mesh "2 tbsp. with nakida,1 air" in a checkerboard pattern. Yarn"Alize diva", elastic band crochet.

вязаная кофточка

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