Work Zaira

Работы Заиры

Set on two. Length 53 cm, waist 50 cm Material: 100% cotton/acrylic. Associated with MK Oksana Zadneprovskaya.

Suit for girls two years "the Yellow miracle". Associated with MK Yulia Menshovoj. Thread the alizée sekerim Bebe 100% acrylic.The belt works on a wide elastic band, can be adjusted.

Работы Заиры

Dress "Pink miracle" for girls a year or two. Yarn is 100% acrylic. In the zone of 60 cm can reduce pulling tape, length 50 cm

Работы Заиры

Diagram of yoke:

схема кокетки для детского платья

The scheme of the skirt:

схема юбки

The kit is connected from threads the alizée sekerim baby, 100% acrylic. The thread is soft and pleasant to the body. The pattern is called a shell.

комплект для малыша

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