Children's jacket in crochet - work of Hope

Детский жакет крючком

Here's a sweater I crocheted from yarn BONBON kristal 475м, the consumption of 250gr. Knit according to the scheme from a magazine, but I added the collar and cuffs.

Description baby jacket from the log:


thread pink dial a chain of 64 of the stitches + 3 air. lift loops and knit pattern according to scheme 1, repeat 1 to 12 p. At a height of 15 cm from typesetting edge (25 p. from the beginning of the work) make obuvki two sides of R. for openings: 25-26 R., 3 obuvki on each side of R. Then knit without ubavo. At a height of 26 cm from typesetting edge (43rd series) leave the centre. 28 loops for the neck and then knit each part separately. 44 R. R. the inner side of the fillet cutout making two obuvki. After running 45 series work to finish. The second part of the knit symmetrically.


dial a chain of air loops 34, plus three for air. lift loops and knit according to scheme 1, repeating from the first to the twelfth R. At a height of 15 cm from one end of the rows follow obuvki as on the back. Via 38 p. from typesetting edge follow ubavka from the other end of R. for neck: 38-39 R. – four obuvki, 40-41 three obuvki, 42-43 R. work complete. The second shelf knit symmetrically.


dial a chain of 49 for air. loops plus 3 for air. lift loops and knit 23 p. pattern under the scheme 1. With 24 p. start to make obuvki two sides of R. for the formation of the openings: 24 R five obivok, 25-26 three obuvki; 27-32 R. – two obuvki, 33-34 R. – one twist. After performing a 35 series of work done.


run the shoulder and side seams, vsheyte sleeves. Tie bottom edge products, shelves, the neckline and the edges of the sleeves according to scheme 3. Associate the flower of scheme 2. Sew it to the yoke on the left shelves. Harness on the left shelves sew three buttons. The buttonholes will serve as the pattern holes in shelves.

The size of the patterns given in 1-1. 5 years.

The scheme of knitting and pattern children's jacket:

Схемы вязания и выкройка детского жакета:

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