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Booties are made of high-quality, pleasant to the touch yarn. Sole eight to eleven cm For boys and girls.

Booties "Bride" , so named because they were originally just white. Sole eight to eleven see the Threads of the wool.

Работы Заиры

Boots are made of baby yarn Alize baby. Sole 8-11cm. Yarn not alegren. For girls and boys.

Работы Заиры

Set the girl up to a year. Thread Alizée Divo. Drawing pineapples. Waist 40 cm , length 45 cm After washing, do not stretch , does not fade.

Работы Заиры

Dress for girl 1-2 years. Associated thread alizée Divo. Waist 50-55 cm Length 50 cm Material comfort for the body. In the wash stretched.

Работы Заиры

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