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Вяжем спицами гетры

Insulated legs. Leg warmers short winter boots replace high boots. Were knitted vertical two-tone waffle-knit circle.

The rules of knitting socks is simple:

the color of thread change in each row, and knit, alternating only two of a number (the number of loops is even).
1 row (color 1) – 1 front (knit stitches yo with a loop, considering them as one loop), yo, 1 to remove b/n.
2nd row (color 2) – 1 yo, 1 to remove b/n, 1 purl (knit yo purl loop, considering them as one loop).
The beginning of a number of easy to celebrate his or wedding ring on the needle.
Gained 60 loops. Threads of grey and white. Took 200 grams. The bottom was tied with festoons according to the scheme:

вяжем спицами гетры схема

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