Fishnet top for girls work Yana

Ажурный топ для девочки - работа Яны вязание и схемы вязания

Summer Lacy top for a girl crocheted with mercerized cotton Gelincik Lanoso (283м/50g). It took 200 grams. The size of the top - 7 years (height 120 cm). Work Yana from Kharkov.

Description top

Basic pattern: number of loops multiple of 4 + 2 + 1 air lift loop. Knit according to scheme 1. Start with loops before rapport, repeat loop repeat, to finish, as indicated. The arrow indicates the middle row to finish symmetrically.

Ажурный топ для девочки - работа Яны вязание и схемы вязания

Pattern of arches: the number of loops multiple of 10 + 3 air lift loop. Knit circular rows according to scheme 2. Repeat loop of rapport. To run 1 times from 1st to 7th rows, then repeat from the 2nd to 7th ranks, to finish 8th.

The arrows on the pattern — the direction knitting!

The upper back: tie a chain of 82 air. p. + 3 air. p. lifting and knit the basic pattern. Through 6.5 cm = 7 p. from typesetting edge finish work.

The upper part of the front: start as the upper back, but after 7 cm = 8 rows from the edge of typesetting perform subtraction for armholes on both sides as indicated. Simultaneously through 9 cm = 10 rows from typesetting edge for neck to divide the work in half and both sides finish separately. To do this, in the 11th R. to turn in the middle and to finish first, as indicated, the left half. For the straps after the 22nd row repeat 21st and 22nd rows. Through 33 cm = 36 rows from start of shoulder straps work finish.

Linked symmetrically to the right half.

Lower part: perform the side seams of the upper part; the lower edge of the knit pattern of the arches (= rapport 16 or, respectively, 160 p. the Remaining 4 loops will need for side seams). Through 29 cm = 26 rows from the top of work to finish.

Assembly: sew straps to the back. Tie all the edges of the 1 p. art. b/n. Tie the upper end of the backrest as follows in each St b/n tie 5 tbsp. s/n in the upper St/n 3 tbsp. s/n tie 1 St b/n.
Ажурный топ для девочки - работа Яны вязание и схемы вязания

Knitting patterns top:

Схемы для вязания топа:
Схемы для вязания топа:

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