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Вязаный крючком топ - работа Марии вязание и схемы вязания

The topic made for himself. The Strings Of The Pelican. 100% cotton, 100 grams of 330 metres. Hook Clover No. 2. Strings - a miracle. Size 52-54. Yarn consumption is about 250 grams.

Motif created from parts of two motifs, therefore, not shown.

Knit like this: row 1 - thread ring knit 12 columns with 2 yo in three air loop;

2 a number of - arcs of the 3 loops knit 3столбика without nakida;

3 row - first and third column without nakida previous row knit 2 column with 2 yo in one apex after 5 loops ( the last arc connected so is 3 EP attached to the column with 2 yo, so the hook was in the middle of the arcs);

4 row 7 loops to connect with the next arc of 5 VP, 3 VP ,column with 2 SC, Picot, column with 2 SC, Picot, column with 2 yo, 7 VP, column with 2 yo, column with 2 SC, Picot, column with two yo, Piko, and so on.

Motives are linked in the process of knitting the second motif to the first attached thus, provyazat three sides of a square (number 4), the third area of the motif knit 2st.with 2H, Pico, 2st. with 2H, Pico, 2 tbsp. with 2H, 3 VP connected with arc 7 VP first motive, 2st. 2 n, 3st. with 2H, 1Vp, which is connected to the Picot of the first motif, 2st. with 2H, 1 VP is connected to the Picot of the first motif, 3 VP connected with arc from EP 7 of the first row etc. i.e. the point of connection arcs from 7 VP, and Pico.

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