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фото ожерелья крючком

My name is Inna. Want to show your work. Necklace made of cotton yarn consumed 40 grams, scheme no, I fantasized. Diagrams of individual elements were taken from various publications (Irish lace), interconnected using a sewing needle. The product looks good and in the summer a sundress with shoulder straps, in the middle of flowers, you can add beads.

фото кофточки крючком

Blouse tied for girlfriend of yarn "Alize", spent 200 grams. Circuits is in the printed version, if anyone is interested - I can upload.

фото наволочки крючком

Pillowcases are made of baby yarn in the style of Irish lace, in total he spent 300 grams (size of pillows 30x30 cm) on both sides.

фото жакета крючком

The jacket was knitted to order, the fabric on the machine with hair. It took 500 grams, Irish lace is wool b/u sectional dyeing, but of each separate parcel of yarn (by color) was vymazyvaja individual element.

фото юбки крючком

200 grams of toffee spent on this beach skirt, again fantasy drawings picked from their library of magazines.

фото носок

These socks Santas borrowed one old magazine consumption went the remnants of yarn, in addition to red - bought a 50 gram Hank. Connected spokes.

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